Wall art portrait photography comes in different styles like for example Canvas, Wood, Framed Prints and Metal.  Each one of these will give a lifetime of memories and enjoyment.  Each time you see them on your walls you get to relive the fun, joy and love you experience the day of your session.

The other neat thing about wall art portrait photography is that I can give you a complimentary custom design wall art gallery of your favorite images from your session.  In addition, you get see your favorite images on your walls before you decide which ones you want to purchase.

I will give you a special experience, so that the wall art I produce will let you cherish and share it for years to come and enjoy the experience without worrying about trying to remembering all the little details and special moments.

Wall art Portrait Photography Sessions are ideal if you are looking for updated wall art of your family and your little ones as they grow up. They’re also great if you have older kids and want to capture the next chapter in their life. It’s also a great time for older adult siblings to get together as a group with each of your families and document the different family groups, siblings or an opportunity for a generational family portrait.

I love being a photographer.  Sure, you can buy wall art at an art fair or heck, when you travel through Europe but nothing is cooler than decorating your home with original wall art of the people you love.

Your Wall Art Portrait Photography memories deserve to be seen. 

Family Portrait Photography Wall art over Fireplace

Family Photos Smyrna, TN frames

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So what are the risks of only having digital images?

First, you have to remember to keep migrating your images to the newest technology. If you forget, you may end up with a CD of images but no machine with a disc drive that can access them.

Second, every time you transfer a file from one place to another, there’s a risk of corruption. While it doesn’t happen often, it does happen occasionally and has happened to me personally.

If you truly want to preserve your images long-term and not waste your money on something that may only last a few years, wall art is a logical thing to purchase. Why waste all the money you are spending to do this photo shoot if you aren’t going to get something that will last?

The chart below will give you idea what size of wall art will look the best in your home.  In addition I will be able to show you your favorite images on your walls so you will be able to which size looks the best.

Wall Art Chart



Portrait Family Photography Oakland Mansion wall art

Family Photography Murfreesboro, TN


















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