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  • In what types of photography do you specialize?

    We specialize in custom wall art for Families, Couples and Individuals

  • What does your session fee include?

    Session planning meeting, session, emails, in person viewing meeting of session images, travel time, meeting time, phone time, post production time, ordering time, and everything that goes into creating, preparing, and delivering your images.
    Please note that the session fees do NOT include any custom wall art, digital images or products.

  • How long after the session does it take before my images are ready to be viewed?

    About two to three weeks after the photo session you will be able to view your custom wall art images.

  • Do you offer Digital files

    We offer them in our top two collections Deluxe and Classic.

  •  What happens between photo session and image reveal?

    I will ask you to send me pictures of the walls you plan on using for your wall art.  I will download the photo       files from the memory cards to the computer.  I will use culling software to pick out the very best images from your photo session. I will import the best images into editing software, perform if needed color correction and basic touch up.  After editing, then I will custom design room mock ups using the pictures of your walls you sent me.  So that you can see exactly what your images look like on your wall before you decide which design you want to purchase.  If you want to see other mock ups, I will design them for you too.

  • What happens if it rains

    I keep a number of backup dates open each month in case of bad weather, and there is no fee to reschedule to a new date if it’s raining. Tennessee weather is unpredictable and changes very quickly.  If you ever have any questions about your session please just call me.

  • Do you offer location sessions

    Typically our sessions are on location within Murfreesboro, TN. area. If you need us to provide location suggestions we will within the Murfreesboro, TN. Area.  We will use your location if they are good for photographing and are within the Murfreesboro, TN. Area.  Some of the locations we use are:

Oakland Mansion
Stones River Battlefield
Cannonsburgh Village
Gateway Island Park
World Outreach Church



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